The Matrix Lay Down Bed

For the fastest, darkest, longest-lasting tan with the least chance of burning,our Matrix is the ultimate choice.
The Matrix is a high pressure tanning bed, which refers to the type of lamp used and means that most of the UVB rays, or “burning rays”, are filtered out. Consequently, you are exposed to almost all UVA rays - the rays that produce that beautiful golden glow. This allows even those with the most sensitive or easily burned skin types the opportunity to develop a nice bronze tan rather than a burn.
The Matrix is also ideal for those who need to develop a tan in a short time period, and want that tan to last!

The Matrix Stand Up

The stand-up version of our Matrix provides essentially the exact same as our lay down -except you are standing- which allows more oxygen to circulate the entire body which helps even out any tan lines or pressure points on the body (plus, you can dance easier)
Switching between stand up and lay down is a great way to keep your tan at it's finest.

The Mega Bed

Our mega beds are the back bone of our salon. Tan-Tations has become the business we are today due to the incredible results our Mega beds provide.
"The Mega" is a low pressure bed which uses a perfect blend of UVA for superior, golden tanning rays and UVB for that Vitamin D! In this bed we want to gradually build up the time and exposure. Whether you're a new or experienced tanner, the Mega will provide excellent results.

The Mega Stand Up

The "Mega stand-up" provides essentially the same as our lay down version. A major benefit in the stand-up is the oxygen circulating the entire body allowing those warm rays to reach the whole body without a risk of pressure points. Switching between the stand-up and lay down is a great way to optimize your tan!